Pet adoption Want a dog or cat?

Coming to Cancun? This is your chance to adopt a Mexican dog! We take care of all paperwork necessary for you to take your new friend home. The only thing we require from you is a commitment to provide the dog with a better life.
They have already been neutered.

These little guys need a home and they need it soon. They’ve been with us for over a year and during this time they’ve been very grateful & happy. Each one has its own personality, they can get along without a problem with other dogs. Give them a second chance, their first one on the streets wasn’t the best. Choose your new family member on your vacation!

10 Comments on "Pet adoption Want a dog or cat?"

  • Vivo en Playa del Carmen. Me interesa adoptar hembra pequena de buen temperamento, tengo una shnauzer, y me gustaria que tenga una companera, tengo referencias de veterinarios donde podran constatar que soy muy responsable.


  • Itzel mirus Dice

    Me gustaría adoptar un perro,macho o hembra de raza mediana a grande,que sea apto para correr y jugar en donde puedo obtener información ??? Gracias

  • Tengo 7 perros – 5 machos y 2 hemras. Razas mediano y grande. Todos bien salude y temperamento. Muy afecionados tambien excelente con los niñnos.
    Tenemos que ir a Mexico el mes de Enero.

  • daniel Dice

    i would like to adopt a cat if you have one



  • Erin Dice

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I was staying in Tulum for the last 3 days & came across a mother dog & 2 puppies who are in desperate need of rescue. I am now in Cancun & will be staying here until this sunday, June 23. I’d like to do all of the necessary steps to be able to take the dogs back to the US with me when I depart. I would like to return to Tulum this Thursday & take the dogs to the veterinarian in Tulum to get all necessary shots & paperwork, so that the dogs are able to travel to the US. the hotel I’m staying at in Cancun will not allow the dogs to stay at the hotel. I need to make arrangements for the dogs to have somewhere to stay from this Thursday, June 20 through Sunday, June 23. Can you please help to find somewhere for the dogs to stay in Cancun these 4 days/ 3 nights?
    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Erin E. Levin

  • Justin Dice

    Hello, we aré looking to adopt a kitten and a puppy so that they grow together, we Will provide then with a loving home and care, we aré in cancun and we have Been searching for pets for the longest while to make our family complete. Please contact us if You can help

  • Casey Owens Dice

    I live in Cancun Hotel Zone , looking to adopt a male kitten maybe 2.

  • Ross Caldwell Dice

    I’m looking to adopt a cat or a dog.

    Email me and I will come look at the animals.

    Have a nice day.


  • Abby Shackelford Dice

    Would like to take home a dog next year and have various wedding members do so as well. Please message me.

  • Melissa Dice

    Have an 8 week old kitten without a mom at Moon Palce resort. He needs a home. Can anyone help?

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